Welcome to the official website of the city Galanta. Today Thursday, 19. October 2017, celebrating Lukáš.




Galanta is located in Trnava Self-governing region in the eponymous district and is located in the central part of south-western Slovakia. The city is one of the cultural, administrative and economic centers of the Danube region. Galanta lies in the neighborhood of  the following district cities: Trnava, Hlohovec, Nitra, Komárno, Šaľa, Dunajská Streda and Senec.

Galanta is located in the central part of south-western Slovakia in the middle of the Danube plain. The area is characterized by very good climatic conditions, among the areas with the highest average air temperature in Slovakia. Galanta is surrounded by several larger and smaller rivers and streams – Váh, The Small Danube (Malý Dunaj) and Dudváh.

Within the city there are two geothermal wells used for heating. Supplying company Galantaterm Ltd. is a heat provider for a housing development Sever and for the Hospital and Clinic of. St. Luke.

- geothermal water temperature: 72 – 76 °C.

  • Geothermal waste water temperature: about. 38 – 42 °C used for heating of Thermal Center (further on only as „TC“ ) Galandia.

After Slovakia entered the EU several international companies established themselves in the city, which has contributed to the general development of the city. The most important investor is a Korean company Samsung. In its manufacturing plants in Galanta they produce electronics of the best quality, computer monitors, laser printers, satellite sets and plasma and also LCD televisions, DVD players. In 2004, Samsung built a logistics and distribution center for Central and Eastern Europe in Galanta. Samsung currently employs approx. 2,200 employees. It is the largest employer in the city.

Galanta includes residential units within three industrial centers of the circuit - Sereď, Galanta, Sládkovičovo. Industry is strongly represented by manufacturing companies, construction production and warehouse management.

 The sectoral structure of the industry is dominated by the electrical industry, engineering and food industries. Capacity of warehouse management is mainly focused on the storage of electrical components, food and construction material.

Most industrial and construction production and storage capacity in the residential units are concentrated in the industrial areas south, southeast and northeast. A small part of the production capacity is scattered in other headquarters parts. These are mostly stabilized minor activities that do not impair into the operation of its surrounding environment.

The central urban area in recent years has been in significant progress of completion and installation of new activities for trade and services purposes as well as in combination with housing. Functional buildings were built on the Hodská Street called Jas Park and Galaxia on Hlavná Street. The center of the city has been under construction of Arli Hotel and also in the construction of a multifunctional building on Vajanského Street. New Apartment buildings were built on the Hodská Street, Klementisove Sady and on Vodárenská Street.

There are different companies represented in the city, various financial institutions, banks, Tax office etc. The network of various outlets such as  automobiles, electrical equipments, electronics, computer engineering and agriculture has expanded in recent years .  Supermarket chains such as LIDL Kaufland, Billa and Tesco can be also found at different parts of the city. The Hospital and the Clinic has more than 600 beds. Health care is provided by public and private doctors at medical clinics within the district.